Is Cloudflare Argo worth it? GSC results

Argo is a service that uses optimized routes across the Cloudflare network to decrease loading times, increase reliability, and reduce bandwidth costs.

Here’s screenshot from a Twitter user enabling Argo and his GSC results:

Personally I haven’t had this much improvement, but there was some results for me, but I tested it on US only website.

Benefits of Cloudflare Argo

  • Reduces website loading times (TTFB) by up to 65.8% (based on 2017 data)
  • Improves website performance even for traffic from distant locations
  • Offers a consistent improvement in response times (around 20% for US traffic)
  • Works well alongside Cloudflare’s WAF (Web Application Firewall) to filter malicious traffic

How Much Does Cloudflare Argo Cost?

Cloudflare Argo uses a usage-based pricing model. There’s a $5 monthly base fee that includes 1GB of data transfer. Additional data transfer is charged at $0.10 per gigabyte. Costs can add up with high-traffic websites.

Expected TrafficExpected Cost (Per Domain)
10 GB$5.90
100 GB$14.90
1 TB (1000 GB)$104.90

Tips to Reduce Cloudflare Argo Costs

  • Optimize website images (reduce file size) to minimize data transferred through Argo.
  • Use a separate CDN for static assets (like images) to reduce the amount of data processed by Argo.

Enabling Argo activates Argo Smart Routing, reducing Internet latency by 30% and connection errors by 27% on average.

Argo is a usage-based product and costs USD $5.00 per month, plus usage. After exceeding the first gigabyte of traffic between Cloudflare and your visitors, you are charged USD $0.10 per additional gigabyte.

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