How to remove rel=”noreferrer” in WordPress?

There are several ways to remove the rel="noreferrer" attribute from links in WordPress.

Using a plugin

Install a plugin that allows you to remove rel="noreferrer" from links. Popular options include:

Once installed, activate the plugin and follow its configuration instructions to remove rel="noreferrer". Plugins usually offer a user-friendly interface to manage link attributes.

Using functions.php or inserting via Code Snippet plugin

Add this code to functions.php file of your theme to remove rel=”noreferrer” from outgoing links in WordPress. Or you can add it using a plugin like Code Snippet.

//remove noreferrer on the frontend, but will still show in the editor
function im_formatter($content) {
$replace = array(" noreferrer" => "" ,"noreferrer " => "");
$new_content = strtr($content, $replace);
return $new_content;
add_filter('the_content', 'im_formatter', 999);
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