IT software used in Polish manufacturing companies

Here is the chart illustrating the usage of various information systems in manufacturing companies. According to the data, ERP systems and financial and accounting tools are the most frequently used, with 72% and 68% of companies utilizing them, respectively. Other systems, such as CRM, WMS, HR, and others, are used by a smaller percentage of companies.

Here are some insights based on the chart:

  1. High Adoption of ERP Systems: ERP systems are the most commonly used, with 72% of companies utilizing them. This indicates that ERP systems are considered essential for integrating various business processes and improving operational efficiency.
  2. Widespread Use of Financial and Accounting Tools: Financial and accounting tools are used by 68% of companies, highlighting the importance of these systems in managing financial data, ensuring compliance, and facilitating financial planning and analysis.
  3. Moderate Adoption of CRM Systems: CRM systems are used by 38% of companies. This suggests that while customer relationship management is important, it might not be as critical as other systems for manufacturing companies.
  4. Other Systems with Lower Adoption Rates: Systems like WMS (Warehouse Management Systems), HR, trading programs, and MRP (Material Requirements Planning) have adoption rates ranging from 23% to 30%. This indicates that these systems are important but not universally adopted across the industry.
  5. Niche Systems: Systems like nesting software, e-Commerce B2B, business intelligence (BI), workflow management, project management, and TSL (Transport, Shipping, and Logistics) have lower adoption rates (below 20%). These systems may be more specialized and relevant to specific company needs.
  6. Emerging and Specialized Tools: Tools such as CAD/CAM, AutoCAD, DMS, and those currently being implemented (like some ERP modules) have the lowest adoption rates, with only a small percentage of companies using them. This may reflect their specialized nature or the fact that they are newer technologies that are still being integrated into business processes.
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Overall, the insights suggest that while ERP and financial/accounting systems are foundational for most manufacturing companies, the adoption of other systems varies based on specific business needs and operational focuses. This diversification of tools indicates a tailored approach to technology adoption in the manufacturing sector.


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