Where to Sell PLR Products Online

Private Label Rights (PLR) products provide an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to sell information products without having to create them from scratch. Essentially, when you buy a PLR product, you’re buying the rights to rebrand, modify, and sell it as your own. However, knowing where to sell these products can significantly impact your success. Here’s a guide to help you navigate the best platforms for selling PLR products.

1. Your Own Website or Blog

Starting with your own platform can be beneficial for several reasons:

  • Full Control: You decide on the pricing, presentation, and marketing strategy.
  • Branding: Selling on your platform enhances your brand’s visibility.
  • Profit: There’s no middle-man, so you retain all the profit.

2. Etsy

Etsy isn’t just for handmade crafts. Digital products, including PLR items, can be sold here too.

  • Pros: Established platform with a built-in audience.
  • Cons: Competition can be fierce, and there are fees associated with listing and selling.

3. Gumroad

A popular platform for selling digital products, Gumroad offers easy setup and selling procedures.

  • Pros: Easy to embed on your site and provides analytic tools.
  • Cons: They charge a fee for each sale, which can add up.

4. PLR Specific Websites

Sites like PLR Assassin, BuyQualityPLR, and IDPLR allow individuals to sell their PLR products.

  • Pros: Targeted audience specifically looking for PLR products.
  • Cons: They often take a commission, and your product might be lost among thousands of others.

5. Teachable & Udemy

If your PLR products are course-based, platforms like Teachable and Udemy are ideal.

  • Pros: Both platforms have vast user bases specifically looking for educational content.
  • Cons: They take a percentage of sales, and there’s considerable competition.
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6. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

If you have PLR eBooks, this is a platform you shouldn’t ignore.

  • Pros: Massive potential audience; being on Amazon lends credibility.
  • Cons: Royalty-based earnings; you need to ensure your PLR product complies with Amazon’s guidelines.

7. Facebook Groups

There are groups dedicated to buying and selling PLR products.

  • Pros: Direct communication with potential buyers; can lead to networking opportunities.
  • Cons: You need to actively manage your sales and interactions.

8. Warrior Forum

The Warrior Special Offers (WSO) section of this forum allows for the sale of digital products, including PLR.

  • Pros: A large community of online marketers and entrepreneurs.
  • Cons: Requires a fee to list your product.

9. Email Lists

If you’ve built up an email list, it can be an excellent platform for direct selling.

  • Pros: Direct access to individuals already interested in what you have to offer.
  • Cons: Can be seen as spammy if not done correctly.

10. Affiliate Marketing

Partner with affiliates to promote your PLR products. Platforms like ClickBank or JVZoo can be beneficial.

  • Pros: Reach a broader audience without additional advertising costs.
  • Cons: You’ll share a percentage of each sale with your affiliates.

Final Thoughts When selling PLR products, it’s crucial to offer value. Ensure the products are of high quality, and present them professionally. Wherever you choose to sell, focus on building trust with your audience, and the sales will follow. Remember, diversifying your selling platforms can also increase visibility and maximize profits.

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